Earthworks is a band on the rise from Ottawa, Canada. On the heels of the “Hollow Earth” EP released last year, they’ve already released a brand new single by the name of “Twenty:Twenty”. After a listen, you can see clearly that it highlights the band’s modern metalcore sound projected by djenty tonality and rhythmical attacks.

They’ve already put out a lyric video in support of this. Now they’re back with a full on guitar playthrough for the track! Pay attention as guitarists Kyle Hoaran and Colin Brown absolutely devastate “Twenty:Twenty” from beginning to end. The video itself is also incredibly well shot, featuring the guitarists bringing some light to a pitch black room.

Be on the look out for much more from Earthworks! If you’d like to support what they’ve done here, you can pick up the track on iTunes. Also, feel free to drop by on Facebook and give a like! All support is well deserved.


Links: Facebook // YouTube // iTunes