Elderwind’s “The Magic of Nature” is a lush and robust LP bringing some incredibly fine Atmospheric Black Metal to the forefront. I could sit here and attempt to explain the brilliance of this record to you… But the band themselves have already hit the nail on the head with the following description.

A real gift to all fans of the beautiful dark atmospheric music in honor of the arrival of the winter!

This is the first album of a remarkable project from Russia.

Elements of black and post black, dark doom with very very cold keys and scream voices of beauty poetic melancholic lyric’s on russian language mixed in the majestic ATMOSPHERIC black metal music!

What’s more is that the entirety of “The Magic of Nature” is currently available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Deals do not get much better than this so I implore you to take advantage and show Elderwind some support for the music!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp