Hailing from Bordeaux, Simplixity is one of the most appropriately named bands that we’ve come across. They damn near perfectly mesh principles of simplicity and complexity within their music. And their music is stellar. I would hate to box in this band’s sound so let’s just say that they blend a number of styles through their aural endeavors while remaining fairly consistent within their own right. You might be able to get away with categorizing them as Progressive Metal or maybe even Progressive Rock at a baseline.

Just a few days back, the band released their sophomore full-length to follow up 2011’s “The Shed Skin Chapter”. This time around, the music goes under the heading of “Iter”. It’s safe to call this one a triumphant return as it’s 8 tomes will take you on a journey from start to finish. Currently, the entirety of this LP is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! It’s highly recommend you show some support as deals like this don’t come around everyday.

To celebrate the release, we opted to team up with Simplixity and promote their visually stunning music video for the opening track “Omniversal Resilience”. Go ahead and click that “play” button just below if you want to witness something great. And be sure to let the band know if you enjoy the music!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp