Finland is a place steeped in lore and great music. This is especially true when you enter the realm of metal music. The country has collectively churned out so many great metal musicians over the years it could make your head spin. Among the latest and greatest discoveries stands Suotana. They’ve actually been independently operational since 2005, putting out two exceptional releases in that time. Stylistically, this band brings a lot to the table. They do a diligent job of crossing Black Metal with Melodic Death Metal. On top of this, feels of Symphonic and Power Metal can reach through. It really makes for a compelling listening experience.

Their latest album “Frostrealm” is no exception to this. It comes loaded with 8 stand up tracks, all with their own merit. After listening, we got in contact with the band in interest in spreading the music which brings us here today! The track “Child of Frost” is now live and streaming on YouTube! You can find this below.

But the goods don’t stop there. The entirety of “Frostrealm” is available for streaming on Bandcamp where it’s also up for purchase. Be sure to show Suotana some love and support if you enjoy the music!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp