ADE made a huge impression on us at The Circle Pit when they dropped their 2013 album “Spartacus” to follow up their 2009 effort “Prooemivm Sangvine”. Their approach to music can be summed up with four words – Ancient Roman Death Metal. They pull off this original sound flawlessly while bringing in elements of supreme heaviness and ungodly technical prowess.

So, naturally, when news came of an all new album, it was time to get excited. ADE have just unveiled some key information behind their forthcoming effort “Carthago Delenda Est”. This will serve as the band’s first release through their new label XTREEM MUSIC. You can read up on what’s heading out way here:

The legions are going to cross again the gates of Ade .

“CARTHAGO DELENDA EST”, our third studio album, will focus on the Punic Wars and on the dualism between Rome and Carthage to hold the dominion of the Mediterranean.

The album will be recorded, mixed and mastered at @ Overload Music Production by the duo Riccardo Studer / Alessio Soup and will be published and distributed worldwide by Dave Rotten’s XTREEM MUSIC in this late summer. Artwork by Luca Tarlazzi and graphic designing by Lumiè Pictures.

Current line up:
Traianvs: Vocals
Fabivs: Guitars
Caligvla: Bass
Nero: Guitars
Commodvs: Drums


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