Here’s an instrumental treat to light up your day. Agile Sunup is another project powered by Josh Seguin – the same man helping to introduce classical Sitar playing into metal music alongside Rishabh Seen in the band Mute The Saint. On the other hand, through Agile Sunup the mission is to create progressive / ambient textures of the musical variety. This is accomplished with hard work alongside drummer and presumably brother Stephan Seguin and Paul Kilmer with one of the largest basses you’ll see today! Together, they do incredible work.

That being the case, we jumped at the opportunity to help promote the music of Agile Sunup. You can watch the full band playing through the track “Galactic Chaos” through a slick video just below. Allow them to twist your ears into a unique, instrumental world filled with passion and laced with embellishments.

You can support the band by dropping a “like” over on Facebook and following along this ride. You can also pick up the music by heading over to Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp