This is easily one of the more entertaining music videos that we’ve seen in awhile. Similar to the introduction of Infant Annihilator, it basically shows two metalheads running through a forest doing funny shit. But it certainly doesn’t start or end with that… It’s all about the music!

Axxen Conners are a solid two man band hailing from Antalya, Turkey. Their style seems to cross elements of Melodic Death Metal, Tech Death, and even Black Metal to leave the listener guessing what will hit them next. In other words, their music shreds in ways you may not be prepared for – so strap in and give them a listen! If you enjoy the music, the track is currently available over on Bandcamp! Show this band some love and go get it!

It seems as if the band is currently preparing a debut album to be dropped this year. So be on the lookout for much more where this came from.


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp