This is madness! This is Nonsense! This is a new band to keep tabs on from the city of Lyon, France! Nonsense is a 5 man Djent / Prog Metal band heading towards the release of their debut EP “On Earth”. So far, it’s sounding so good as they’re not afraid to bend boundaries while simultaneously keeping a foot in the functional end.

And what’s even better is that the EP is scheduled to drop tomorrow, February 24th! This will be done independently with pre-orders available right now! You can grab yours by CLICKING HERE.

In support of this, we’re now streaming the band’s latest music video for the track “Virtual Addiction”. You can find this below alongside the band’s other single quite literally going by the title “The Nonsense”. How’s that for a title track? Enjoy the music and show some love!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Soundcloud