What a time to be alive! There’s great music waiting at every corner and you never know what you’re going to get. That brings us to the most pleasant surprise of today / this weekend / arguably the whole month. This is the cherry on top of February…

Shokran guitarist Dmitry Demyanenko just released a wicked good solo album! This record is an absolute monster from start to finish, bringing forth creativity, technicality, and extreme shreddery with a special flavour as only the mastermind of Shokran could bring. He really manages to show his chops while bringing a thoroughly entertaining listening experience. To keep it in perspective, if you like the work of Shokran, you’re going to love this! And, as luck would have it, you can listen to the entire album right here right now! We’re proud to have teamed up with the artist once again to make an animated stream. Go watch and listen just below!

If you enjoy this brilliant music, be sure to show Dmitry some well deserved love and support! The album is currently available for purchase over on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.

Also, be on the lookout for what comes next from his band Shokran! After some understandable delays, they’re currently preparing to release their new album “Exodus” independently. If you’ve never listened to Shokran before, you may do so by CLICKING HERE.


Links: iTunes // Amazon // Bandcamp