If you’re a fan of the collective works of Devin Townsend and, in particular, Ziltoid – there’s a great chance that you know about Herman The Planet Smasher. Despite his intimidating title known in fear across the omniverse, he’s really just a cute little fluff ball known to make the occasional squeak.

And now, for a measly mortal sum, you can own a 6th dimensional planet smasher to call your own! You can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Devin Townsend had the following to say of this:

“What’s mega cute, super fluffy, fantastically adorable and has the power to destroy stuff on a planetary scale? Correct! It’s Herman The Planet Smasher! This version may not have the power to destroy even a grain of sand seeing its been mass produced in China but it does look good on your desk or as a gift to a loved one!”

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