Coming from the other side aka Neuchâtel, Switzerland is a new band with dangerous potential. They go by the name of Buried Side and they’re as tight as nails. Between waves of technicality, shredding instruments, and bone crushing heaviness, there’s a good chance that many of you will appreciate what you’re about to hear.

On that note, we’re currently streaming the band’s latest full-length “Heading to the Light” and it’s bloody awesome! You can listen to the beast down below and grab the goods over on Bandcamp. This album comes as a highly recommended listen.

On another note, we also teamed up with Buried Side last December to release a slick music video for track #3 “Ways of Transfiguration”. Everything from the musical production to the visuals brought through the video are great. You can scope out all of the above down below.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp