We just came across something fascinating, though not entirely new. Gisele Marie is a female guitarist residing in Brazil. And, with individuals such as Paulitchas Carregosa in business, this is far from news in itself…

The difference is that Gisele is probably the only metal musician in the world to perform while wearing a traditional Muslim Burqa. She does this while performing in the São Paulo band Spectrus. Absolute power and respect to her for being able to do this. And to do it so well!

“People do not expect to see a Muslim woman who uses a Burqa, practices the religion properly and is a professional guitarist who plays in a Heavy Metal band, so many people are shocked by it.”

NowThis initially broke the story in September with the following video:

This Woman Wears A Burqa — And Plays Guitar In A Heavy Metal Band

This woman wears a burqa — and plays in a heavy metal band

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, September 22, 2015