I long for the musical discoveries that I come by that make me leap out of my chair to mosh around uncontrollably.
This happens to be one of those.

Holy DAMN with the thickness.

From Germany, Caliban has been around since ’98, though, I’ve honestly JUST heard of them when I came across their most recent album “Gravity”. What a perfect name too; perfect describe the crushing nature of it.

This is one of those releases that, as soon as it starts, the power of everything in the universe precipitates within your veins and pure adrenaline basically replaces every chemical in your body.

I imagine that seeing this performed live would cleave the planet in twain.


I feel like this type of metal should be classified as it’s own genre “PURE FUCKING ADRENALINE”.

It’s funny; as I’m typing this up, I have to keep standing up to go insane in short bursts while I’m rocking out to this.

There isn’t a whole lot more I can say about this other than this will raise your heart rate and ignite a dormant power within.

DAMN this album is sick.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp // Merch (Don’t mind the German)