The Ghost Inside have just added a new member to their official line-up. It’s actually someone you may be familiar with as he was touring with the band in recent history – before the horrific bus accident that left the band in a state of serious medical recovery. It’s none other than Chris Davis of the late Texas In July. Here’s the official word from the band followed by a picture of the new line-up (presumably taken last year).

“Us playing shows again is the furthest thing from our minds at the moment while we focus on our recovery, but none of us could ever imagine playing again without Chris. He’s been such an awesome guy to have on the road, he’s been so rad to have around off stage, and he loves Batman (almost a scary amount). He’s the guy on the far right, so everyone chuck him a follow and welcome him officially to the TGI camp. We hope to see you guys soon, and thank you for all the overwhelming support! <3”

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