After a bit of a hiatus on searching around the web for new tunes, I finally got back to it and immediately found these gents from Melbourne, Australia and my drive was restored!

This debut release from Vipassi is nothing short of incredible. Everything that I love about progressive melodeath is exactly what “Śūnyatā” is. Beautiful brutality.

Devastatingly heavy for the majority of the release, while still having this smoothness permeate through the jagged riffs. The solos are also very unique and inspired and do a wonderful job of accentuating the abundance of talent these guys possess.

Though Vipassi is an instrumental outfit (though fully utilizing an almost angelic vocal palate as a backing atmosphere) every song tells a story through the transitions and contrast from heavy to melodic.

And… perhaps this is becoming a thing for me…. That damn fretless bass sounds so awesome! Honestly, I’ve always liked the sound of a fretless bass, but after listening to this album repeatedly, I am now hopelessly addicted to it.



This seriously is rare these days and I immediately have more respect for the artists if they choose to bestow a tangible product upon their fans. There are even some combo deals including a disc and a shirt, for a rather modest fee, indeed. You can spy these over on Bandcamp.

Definitely check these guys out. I foresee them taking off if they keep at what they’re doing.



Links: Facebook // Bandcamp