Zealous is one of the latest juggernauts to rise from the UK Tech Metal scene. They possess an affinity for delivering a sharp, energetic sound with the type of initiative that can move crowds. While listening, one can expect to take in an experience that gradually morphs from beginning to end while supplying plenty of groove, melody, and all out heaviness. In fact, one of the main points to take away from Zealous is that they can be a lot of fun to listen to!

All of this and more is evinced on the band’s debut, self-produced, and self-titled EP. Officially released with the turn of this month, “Zealous” packs in 6 tracks running well over 20 minutes of fresh content. After listening, we opted to get in contact with the band which brings us here today…

The entirety of the “Zealous” EP is now live and streaming with an awesome video to boot over on YouTube! You can give the entire thing a listen by pressing that “play” button just below. What’s more is that the entire EP is available over on Bandcamp as well. Show these musicians some support if you enjoy the music!



Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp