Listening to Zeolite is akin to receiving a good kick to the teeth. Don’t get me wrong now. As far as kicks to the teeth go, this one is actually quite pleasurable. Something like taking a fuzzy slipper to a mouth guard following a large dose of morphine.

Bringing the rumble from down under in Australia, this four-piece band is damn near uncompromising when it comes to the delivery of heavy music. When the sounds hits the ears, it’s sure to hit them hard. This band’s tight as nails Technical Metal assault meshes a number of metallic styles together, making the overall sound considerably fresh and thoroughly enjoyable.

All of this and more was evinced when band dropped their self-titled effort this year. If one were to describe the release of “Zeolite” with a single word, “Crushing” would be a great illustration of what this musical unit has brought to the table. This EP is about 80% relentless heaviness delivered with high levels technicality and 20% glorious (still heavy) melodies delivered with high levels technicality. And it’s not “try hard” counterpoint either. For being so damn technical, these guys really find a balance that makes the presentation almost deceptively simple at times. This is an awesome feat that Zeolite has managed to execute and maybe a part of what makes their sound so fun in comparison to others.

As I’ve been heavily insinuating this entire time, the musicians in this band are really something. Even as I was just mentioning that they’re not necessarily prone to show off, the music really speaks for itself. The line-up consists of vocalist Fraser Mainwaring, guitarist Patrick Haas, bassist Lucas Tolputt, and drummer Jimmy Howard. All of them work in well-oiled harmony together, striving to build a unified sound while individually shining in a way that is both tasteful and not overbearing. The explosive composition laid between the hectic string work and machine like precision of the drums is impressive throughout the entire listening experience.

The “Zeolite” EP is composed of 5 tracks clocking in at ~25 minutes. They fit together like the pieces of a dark puzzle, remaining consistent but all with their own merits. My personal favorite would probably have to be the one with the longest title – “The Dramaturgy Perspective of a Theorist”. This track has moments that are almost transcendent in nature, keeping the listener off the edge of their seat. However, it’s highly recommended that you listen to all the above. There are no weak links here. And, as luck would have it, the entirety of the “Zeolite” EP is streaming up above! You can also scope out a music video for the leading single right here:

This band has proven to be quite professional on a number of fronts. Their presentation on the sonic, visual, and business fronts is commendable while they’ve been working as an independent force to be reckoned with. Much respect to Zeolite. To further emphasize the quality of this product, it should be noted that Buster Odeholm of Vildhjarta and Humanity’s Last Breath handled the mix, master and reamp. While artist Erik Burton Kirchner, who’s previously worked with Humanity’s Last Breath and Euroblast, handled all the artwork.

Usually, there’s some negativity that comes with reviewing just about anything. But the thing with Zeolite is that there really isn’t much negative to say. It’s not a perfect, groundbreaking release but it certainly holds its own while serving as a great listening experience. Objectively, this release may not be to everyone’s taste and some people will probably be put off by the more “djent” type moments laced throughout. But, as with everything, that comes down to personal preference.

After adding up all the factors, this self-titled release earns an outstanding 8.5 out of 10 rating. Once again, you can listen to the music through the videos up above. You may also listen to and directly support the band by picking up the EP over on Bandcamp! Any and all support for Zeolite is well deserved. It should also be exciting to see what step this band takes next so stay tuned for more!


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