“Struggling” is a word we hear very often with metal bands. Architects is one such band that went through the whole phase, slowly grew, came close to giving up but never actually did. In the process they won many hearts and created a sizable fan base that still seems to grow. From a fans perspective, the band never failed them. The band released their first album 10 years ago and has only consistently grown with their music since. Their last album “Lost Together // Lost Forever” marked as the bands long awaited and deserved success.

Architects finished touring in support of Parkway Drive on their European leg of the Ire Tour also accompanied by Thy Art is Murder in February. They short after teased new song called “A Match Made in Heaven”, which was ultimately premiered on BBC on the 6th of March with all details to new album “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” pre-order HERE – ( This came as a complete surprise to many as the band was on constant tour after the release of LF//LT and thus, an “In the Studios” documentary like that they did previously was highly anticipated. The band released part 1 where they mostly talk about their journey as a band and how things have changed since LF//LT.

The documentary opens with bassist Ali Dean taking about the contrasting change from touring after the band released LF//LT, there was immense growth not only at home, but also in all the parts of the world. Through the rest of the 5 minute long video, the band talks about why they chose to work with Henrik Udd and Fredrik Nordström after Tom Searle, guitarist and main song writer was most impressed by the previous album. He says in the video,

I remember is this very room listening back to the first mix of Naysayer. Honest to god, I had tears in my eyes because oh it sounded exactly how I wanted it to sound. This was how I imaged it would sound. I think this was the first time I truly had the feeling that this, what we had done was just as I had imagined in my head.

The video is mostly based on the footage of Architects recording “A Match Made in Heaven”, but it is more than evident that they have a longer story to tell. Can’t wait for the next part, or maybe rest of the parts!

– Srishti Das

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