If there’s one thing that Australia will never stop doing, it’s spawning a wave of incredible metal talent. From Metalcore through Extreme Metal, the land down under has unleashed countless memorable acts over the years. And today, we’re adding yet another worthy name to the golden list.

Without further adieu, we present Boy Eats Girl! Practically the polar opposite of Boy Meets World, this is a one man metal band hell bent on aural destruction. Rick “Cleveland” Pinto does this through the delivery of some truly ruthless, brutal, yet well-polished Extreme Metal. It takes elements everywhere from Technical Death Metal to Deathcore and merges them into a well crafted punch to the face. In short, this is some good stuff!

We were delighted when Rick contacted us and jumped at the chance to work with him. So, here we are! His track “She Shattered Like Glass” is now live and streaming over on YouTube! You can listen below and “name your price” for the goods over on Bandcamp!

If this serves as any indication of what’s to come from his upcoming  “The Answer To Infection” release, we’re in for quite the metallic treat. Stay tuned for more…


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp