We have quite a world premiere for you right here! German modern metal band Confined By Yesterday just launched their new album “Blackmirrors” and it hits hard. The band crosses several different metal stylings to create quite the violent amalgamation. From devastating deathcore breakdowns to sweet melodic death metal riffs, occasional djent tonality, ripping solos, and beyond – this album has a lot to offer metal heads from several walks. It’s even simultaneously raw and polished in nature as it runs a spectrum of metallic music.

“Blackmirrors” is an album stacked with 12 tracks running well over 50 minutes time. And, as hinted, you can listen to the beast in its entirety right here, right now! You can find the YouTube stream down below. If you enjoy the music, the album is available at several locations including Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp!


Links: Facebook // Amazon // iTunes // Bandcamp