There are many things I expected to see on this site at the outset. DDR aka the game Dance Dance Revolution was never really one of them. But this guy on YouTube, Krushrpants, just made it happen with his blast beating legs of steel. He goes through the process of programming extremely difficult DDR patterns to all kinds of music only to smash them with damn near perfect skill. Seems like one helluva way to get exercise and it makes for some randomly funny videos. You’re basically just watching a guy stomp a pad with inhuman speed as he breaks a sweat trying to avoid charlie horses and cardiac arrest.

It would appear that he has an affinity for the band Fallujah, knocking out two of their songs in the process – “Sapphire” and one of the latest singles “The Void Alone” to be more specific. Fallujah themselves just shared this around so we figured why not spread the strange? You can take a look for yourself right here:

Fallujah: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

Krushrpants: YouTube