Joncofy is a monster of a band on the rise from Ukraine. For being relatively new, they’ve managed to accomplish a lot from a successful EP release “Rorschach Inkblots” to having the theme song of the festival Euroblast a few years back. This band plays an absolutely magical brand of Progressive Metal, hitting the listener with non-stop, high end riffery and a technical edge to boot. And things only appear to be getting better!

Late last month, we helped promote their latest single “Mediapocalypse” which comes with one helluva music video. You can scope this out by looking below. However, what really brings us here today is the band’s latest live music video made for the track Xibalba. This was filmed in Kiev and goes to display that this band puts on one helluva live show. You can, once again, take a look at this below. And, if you enjoy the music as much as we do, you can head over to Bandcamp and add their music to your collection!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp