The time has come for the presentation of a jaw dropping, epic listening experience. In comes in the form of the album “Nexus” from the mighty Monolith. This is truly the stuff of science fiction greatness.

Monolith is a three man Ontario band standing strong since 2010. Their quest is to create an epic blend of Melodic Death, Progressive, Symphonic Metal, creativity and modern touches for a unique blend of aural goodness. It’s as outlandish as it is accessible. Melodies dig in like hooks as you listen through. Go ahead and get caught.

“Nexus” will officially be released tomorrow when you’ll be able to grab it on Bandcamp and through other sources. But, as it stands, you don’t have to wait another minute to give the beast a listen! The entirety of the album is now live and streaming through YouTube. Listen for yourself and show the band some love and support! Also, you might want to grab a drool cloth for all the stunning artwork you’re about to witness. Everything about this effort is gorgeous.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp