Rishabh Seen has proven time and time again to be a master of his craft. He’s done this through many metal sitar covers and through his exciting new band Mute The Saint. Even after many accomplishments over the past year, he’s come nowhere near slowing down his roll with exciting new tracks and covers around every corner it seems.

The latest of these comes in the form of another brilliant Animals As Leaders sitar cover. This time around, he tackled the track “Ka$cade” taken from the band’s latest album “The Joy of Motion”. This Gear Gods presented video can be found below. It also bears saying that this is visually the best video that Rishabh Seen has put out to date. It includes beautiful countryside and waterfall shots as Rishabh does what he does best.

In other Animals As Leaders type news – the band is currently recording a brand new album! Rishabh’s band Mute The Saint has their debut album in the works as well! The future of music is looking bright. To see more of Rishabh’s work, you can CLICK HERE.

Mute The Saint: Facebook // Twitter // YouTube

Animals As Leaders: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes