This is arguably some of the best djent type music to come out this year! Hailing from Russia comes an exciting, new band Appli[c]ate. This is a highly talented five-piece musical unit bringing about a wicked cross between the aforementioned djent sound, mathcore, and progressive metal. Add all of this up and it’s safe to say they’re worth the listen for all fans of this style.

This year saw the release of their debut album “Perception” which consists of 9 tracks and a bonus instrumental for one of the singles. All in all, it clocks in at a half hour of greatness. The LP is available over on Bandcamp for all those who are interested.

To help bolster this effort, we’re also now streaming the entirety of Appli[c]ate’s “Perception” over on YouTube! You can find the video for this right here:


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp