Coming from Scotland, Darren Cruickshank is a very talented musician. I’ve been following this guy’s work for quite some time now. Found him when I was first getting into the more technical side of metal and was instantly a fan. Especially with the insane display of skill he brought in his various guitar playthroughs on Youtube. He was the driving force behind the tech metal beasts in Entrosolet (R.I.P.). He started out before that with a side project online, Bleeding Skies. He has continued that musical endeavor beyond the lifespan of Entrosolet, consistently bringing incredible music to the table. However, it now appears that the time has come for Bleeding Skies to end as well…

Darren just released what he has announced will be his final album, “You Can (Not) Die”. In support of this, we’re now streaming the powerful track “Asuka” for your listening pleasure. The entire album can be found, streamed, and purchased over on Bandcamp.

Here’s what Darren had to say in regards to the final Bleeding Skies release:

This is my final release. It’s been a wild ride since 2006. I really want to thank all of my fanbase for being so supportive over the years, the messages I receive, comments left on my songs, all of the support through purchasing albums. Nothing would have came of this project if it wasn’t for you guys.

I also want to thank my very supportive family for putting up with my loud noises all these years and always being accepting of my choice to spend considerable time doing this. Also thanks to my girlfriend for the sweet artwork which is way better than anything I could do.

Quick summary, this project began with me experimenting with different sounds, trying to use different stories I come across in my life (anime, games, real life stuff) and turn those emotions I’ve felt into music that somehow portrays those emotions.

This work is pretty much a collection of those moments. With songs from as far back as 2009 (The place promised) and stuff that’s more recently created out of long term writers block (Asuka).

I feel I’ve achieved what I set out to accomplish and that my creativity is very much almost completely spent on this genre. I feel a lot of stuff I write and never release (which is a lot btw) just isn’t bringing anything new to the table. That’s why I’m hanging this one up. However I’ll always love creating new music to express myself, so I’ll no doubt be making new stuff in future, just under a different genre and title.


Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp