Are you looking for a band that hits hard? Look no further. Concepts is a UK band that brings a bang with their music. This is done by crossing several elements of modern metal to deliver a devastating sound with an array of breakdowns and a heaping helping of djenty groove. Some progressive tendencies even come to the forefront as they conduct an all out aural assault. This band proves to as talented as they are fearsome.

This month saw the release of the heavy Concepts EP “New World”. It delivers 6 tracks across a 20+ minute listening experience that’s certainly worth indulging in. Especially when you consider their music is currently available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! You can head over there or on Facebook and show some love.

To support the release of “New World”, we’re now streaming the EP in it’s entirety over on YouTube! You can go ahead and stream the monster right here, right now! Enjoy the music.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp