Exploding from the land of Indonesia comes the band Genocide. This Death Metal collective is as dangerous as it is creative. Working with three members, Genocide have proven to be among the finest modern metal units that the country has to offer. And, despite their namesake, it’s not because they systematically killed off all the competition. There’s a lot of talent being exhibited here.

The band’s latest album “Resurrection” just saw the light of day this year through the good people over at WAAR Productions. It packs in 10 tracks of adrenaline pumping greatness that are both varied and worth discovering. The record is currently available for purchase over on Bandcamp among other locations.

What really brings us here today is the fact that we’re currently streaming one of these glorious tracks via YouTube. It even comes complete with a slick lyric video. So go ahead and have a listen to “Hate” just below!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp