This EP comes with a “Trigger Warning” supplied by the band themselves. So, if you’re overly sensitive, now is probably the time to turn tail. Quite literally going by the comedic name of Hippie Holocaust, these guys supply devastating heaviness with an un-politically correct twist. Musically, it’s actually fair to compare their extremity to that of bands like Humanity’s Last Breath with their skull crushing aural assault.

We’ve teamed up with Hippie Holocaust to bring a full stream of their debut self-titled EP. This comes complete with an animated video that you can check out below. This release is incredibly entertaining both musically and thematically so you should definitely check it out if you’re not too delicate. Enjoy the steam rolling!

If you enjoy the music at hand, you can pick it up over on iTunes or Amazon. Any and all support for the heaviness supplied by the Hippie Holocaust is well deserved.


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