Here’s some downtempo madness to sate your heavy palettes. Life’s December is a band with a badass name hailing from Switzerland. Their craft comes down to creating devastating Deathcore music that’s sure to leave ear drums crushed and pulses pounding. Functioning as a four piece band, they’ve been hard at work doing this for a little while now.

Back in 2014, they released the album “Colder” which featured a collection of nine tracks meant to incite a mosh pit. In support of this, the band recently put out a music video for the second track “Lest I Forget”. Not only is the track a smasher, the visuals of the music video are beautifully done from beginning to end. This is certainly one worth watching.

And, as luck would have it, we’ve teamed up with Life’s December to bring this clip directly to you. Streaming via YouTube, you can find “Lest I Forget” right here. If you enjoy the music, it’s available for purchase over on Bandcamp.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp