Drew Shepherd, guitarist for the Australian band Make Way For Man has a solo project that really needs to be heard. Going by the name of The Infinite, Drew shreds out some very intense Progressive Metal music with a high level of skill and sharp production to boot. All in all, this makes for a great listen which more and more people deserve to have pass through their hearing apparatus.

This month, The Infinite released the first single going by the name of “Autonomy”. It spares no time throwing the listener into an intense world of metallic glory. To say the least, it serves as a great introduction to what Drew is capable of when it comes to composition and sheer ability. If you enjoy what you hear, “Autonomy” is currently available over on Bandcamp.

There’s also an awesome, animated video on the loose for this track. Made by David Cilloni over at Eklipse Media, you’ll be drawn into a world of swirling patterns that compliment the song damn near perfectly. We currently have this streaming on YouTube so check it out!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp