If you’re looking for supreme heaviness, you’ve come to the right place. Hailing from Mumbai, Wired Anxiety is one hell of a band just waiting to steamroll your hearing apparatus. Their craft is devised by molding together elements of Brutal Death Metal and Groove Metal to make a massive, crushing sound worth the recognition of any metalhead. The band has been hard at work for years to achieve this.

All of the above shows on the band’s upcoming EP “The Delirium of Negation”. Currently set for a July 1st release, in part through the good people over at Transcending Obscurity India, this four track assault isn’t one you’ll want to miss. In fact, you can get a taste right now and pre-order the beast over on Bandcamp!

To support the cause, we’re currently streaming the single “Heavily Sedated”! This comes with an incredible time lapse video showing off the creation of the album art. It’s impressive to say the very least so press that “play” button and see for yourself!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp