If you’re looking for great music, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Echo Spiral is the real deal through and through. Without a doubt, they’ve brought some of the best, new Progressive Metal / Rock music we’ve heard in a little while. Functioning as a three piece band, they do a brilliant job of composing instrumental music with plenty of feeling and creativity to compliment their high level of skill. In fact, the level of talent in this band could easily place them alongside contemporaries such as Plini and David Maxim Micic. Given further music, there’s huge potential for greatness over in camp Echo Spiral. That being said, hats off to the musicians Sam Beck, John Alsop, and Danny Tilson. If you don’t give these guys a listen (especially after reading all this), you’re truly messing up.

Echo Spiral let themselves be known with the release of “Dark Mirror” about a month ago. This EP may have a relatively short run time of ~10 minutes across it’s 3 tracks. But whatever it may lack in length, it sure as hell makes up for in content. The three tracks “The Night Call”, “Shadow Play”, and “Dark Mirror” compliment each other while managing to be different and stylistically sound. A variety of sounds and musical ideas come to the forefront while enjoying this particular listening experience. It’s highly recommend you go and experience it for yourself.

That being said, you’re in luck! We teamed up with Echo Spiral and currently have the EP streaming in it’s entirety over on YouTube. This means you can find the link just below and enjoy the music! “Dark Mirror” is also available for your streaming and purchasing pleasure over on the greatest website of all time – Bandcamp. If you enjoy the majestic sound they’ve brought into creation, be sure to show these artists some love and support! It’s well deserved.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp