Prepare yourselves for a Symphonic Black Metal explosion upon pressing the “play” button below! Frozen Gate is one hell of a band ripping out of Winterthur, Switzerland. They’re both highly talented and compositionally sound when it comes to their brand of metallic delivery. They’ve been hard at work since their inception in 2013 with the blackened sky as their only limit.

This year saw the release of the Frozen Gate EP “When The Last Light Fades”. This is an excellent, three track introduction to this band and what they’re ultimately capable of doing with their music. More insane still is the fact that this EP is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Simply incredible.

To help bolster their efforts, we’ve teamed up with Frozen Gate to bring a stream of their track “Reflection of the Black Mirror” directly to you! As stated above, prepare yourselves for a Symphonic Black Metal explosion!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp