In a recent conversation with the “Allegedly…” podcast, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch had some things to say in regards to the band’s new album. The key point among these is that the band is targeting a late Summer release so keep your eyes peeled. Here’s the exact quote:

We’re trying to finish it, we’re mostly done, but we keep going back to finish things.

We’re shooting for a late summer release, so in the summer sometime with a new song, and I think people are really gonna love it.

It’s what Korn has always been, it feels like Jonathan ripped his soul open in a new way. Because he’s just really been having some issues and stuff and he’s just really honest on this record. But the intensity is so strong. It’s like “Issues” album or something. It’s just like ‘woah’, I just feel it man and everyone’s feeling it that’s hearing it… It’s what Korn is all about to me.

He also elaborated on what it was like when frontman Johnathan Davis first joined the band:

Once we got Jonathan Davis it was weird because we had this hip hop, like Cypress Hill, West Coast rap type of thing groove and some sounds ‘mimics guitar squeal’ on the guitar. But then we had this feminine soft singing singer who sings like a Trent Reznor whisper, but then he’ll be like ‘rah bra rah raghhra’, And so it was all mixed up. And that’s why I’m proud of Korn through that, what they the rap genre-or the rapmetal era-because we weren’t really that. A lot of the rap metals were like ‘Yeah! *unintelligible rap*’ Jonathan was so freaky, like he was into goth and new wave and he was just like a feminine guy growing up. He got called faggot and all kinds of stuff growing up and just picked on and so he sang about that stuff and it was real authentic to people. You know what’s funny is he used to see the jocks out in the crowd out, in moshpits, and he was just confused by it. He didn’t like it.

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