Following the passing of the beloved Motörhead frontman Lemmy last year, there was much grieving among the metal community. Tributes, memoirs, and honorable initiatives popped up in the wake of the legend’s mortal death. Among these was a push to have a statue made for placement at Lemmy’s favorite spot in Los Angeles – The Rainbow Bar & Grill.

Now, it’s been reported that this is actually happening! There will be a $20,000 bronze, full scale statue of the man placed. What’s more – there will be an outdoor renovation making “Lemmy’s Lounge”! Here’s a snippet of the report from TMZ (I know… forgive us…) in regards to this:

“The patio area at The Rainbow Bar & Grill is being renovated and re-named “Lemmy’s Lounge” … it’s the place Lemmy always hung before his death last December. In an awesome move, they’re using Lemmy’s favorite bar stool as a focal point of the redesign.”

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