Minarchist is one hell of a Philadelphia-based band putting their name on the map this year. They deliver a dangerous brand of Progressive Death Metal which emphasizes moments of crushing heaviness, supreme melodic work, and a high level of skill. In fact, they could easily be placed in the same echelon as their fellow Pennsylvania death units in Black Crown Initiate and Rivers of Nihil. That’s a comparison I don’t take lightly… Especially considering that Nick Shaw of Black Crown Initiate quite literally provided bass, drum programming, and production for this album!

To listen for yourself, it’s highly recommended that you look into the Minarchist debut going by the name of “In Absence”. Released on the tail end of last month, it’s arguably among the finest releases the metal underground has to offer in 2016. Sprawling out 7 excellent tracks, the shortest of which being shy of 5 minutes and the longest jumping over 8, there’s no shortage of content as Minarchist make themselves known. The LP is currently available for stream and purchase over on the best website in the world – Bandcamp.

Upon listening, we went out of our way to get in contact with Minarchist which brings us here today. One of the 8+ minute epics this album has to offer, “The Threat of a Terrible Storm”, is now live and streaming over on our YouTube channel! You can take a look below for an introduction. As per usual, if you enjoy the music, show some love and support to these artists!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp