This is exactly what Nu Metal should sound like in 2016. Hailing from Germany, Niverlare is the brainchild of artist Philipp Fischer  who handles just about everything from the instrumentation to the production holding up the music. On top of this, Michael Schires does a brilliant job providing the vocal component. The end result is absolutely great. This project manages to be simultaneously nostalgic and fresh which always a feat for any artist to pull off. Massive, modern grooves and chilling atmospheres are complimented by the kind of old school vocal delivery and overall energy that make people want to dig through closets for clothing from 1999. Picture if Korn and artists like Vildhjarta or Nemertines joined forces and you’ll get an idea of what to expect from Niverlare.

All of this is put on exhibition through the brand new Niverlare EP called “Roots” (BLOODY ROOTS! … excuse me). This is a solid introduction consisting of 6 tracks ranging over 20 minutes. Instrumental versions for three of the above are also included. Altogether, they’re batshit crazy! What’s even more bat shit crazy is that this great, highly polished music is available for a “name your price” download on Bandcamp! This might very well be the best deal of the month. I would recommend taking Niverlare up on that offer while it lasts!

Upon hearing this EP, we made moves to team up with Niverlare and bring the “Roots” EP directly to your earholes! This is what brings us here today. The entirety of “Roots” is now live and streaming over on our YouTube channel! It’s recommended you hit that “play” button and check it out for yourselves. As per usual, if you enjoy the music, be sure to show Niverlare some much deserved love and support.



Links: Facebook // Bandcamp