Here’s an interesting collective of musicians forming a new band. Taking the name Oracles, this group includes Sven De Caluwé, Mendel Bij de Leij, and Ken Bedene of Aborted, ex-System Divide guitarist Steve Miller, and ex-Dimlight singer Sanna Salou. If that’s not one helluva line-up, I’m not sure what is. Though, just to clear something up, this Steve Miller is not the same Steve Miller as the Steve Miller Band. No gangster of love here. Musically, they come across almost like an updated version of System Divide with a couple, more extreme traits to call their own. All in all, this is very good music.

Currently, the band is building towards the release of their debut called “Miserycorde”. From the looks of it, this will be made available on July 1st.

In support of this, the band has been making a number of moves. The latest of these comes in the form of a single “Body of Ineptitude” featuring none other than guitar master Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore). You can listen to the song and check a snippet of the official press release just below.

International extreme metal juggernaut Oracles featuring members of Aborted Abigail Williams, and System Divide are unveiling a new song from their upcoming album Miserycorde to be released on July 1st via label Deadlight Entertainment. The song is “Body of Ineptitude” and features a guest appearance by Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy) on guitar.


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