There have been big changes in camp SikTh. In short, Justin Hill is no longer the band’s frontman. In turn, Joe Rosser (Aliases) has taken the spot. You can look over the reasoning by reading the official statement given by the band right here:

“We’ve reached the point with SikTh where we are being offered some amazing opportunities. The band has a new lease of life. We have new management and a new full length album coming in the new year. Being in a band takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice and for SikTh to be given the attention it deserves takes a certain amount of commitment. Unfortunately, with the above in mind, Justin has decided to step aside from SikTh going forward – a decision we totally respect and understand.

From Justin: “Now SikTh are ready to step things up a notch and fully focus on the next chapter I’m afraid its time for me to bow out. My production and mixing career are still my priority so unfortunately I’m unable to give the band the time and commitment that’s needed going forward. I’m chuffed to bits that SikTh have the opportunity to move onto bigger things and I don’t want to hold them back from doing all the shows offered due to my schedule.

Goes without saying that I fully support the rest of the guys and want nothing but great things for them in the future. I’ve had an awesome time with the band so thanks to everyone involved for all the good times.”

We wish Justin all the best with his future and will continue to be close friends.”

Our last show with Justin will be tomorrow night where we headline the Underworld at Camden Rocks festival, onstage at 9.15pm!”

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