This is about as metal as it gets. Sorcerer is the real deal, originally emerging from Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 for a four year run then returning full force in 2010 to this day. Their craft comes down to producing some of the finest Doom Metal known to mankind. Weaving instrumentation drags a deathly sound as vocals bring about a full metal maelstrom on top. The overall delivery from Sorcerer is infectious.

This month, the band released a brand new EP by the name of “Black” through the one and only Metal Blade Records. Given the thoroughly metal nature of this endeavor, it’s safe to dub it as awesome from beginning to end as it brings bouts of nostalgia while maintaining a focused sound. These four tracks are certainly worth wrapping the ears around.

And, as luck would have it, the entirety of “Black” is available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp. You can scope this out alongside the music video for the title track right below. Enjoy the metal \m/


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp