There’s a brand new band emerging from under the waters of Salt Lake City, Utah. They go by the name of Bathonaut and we should be paying attention. These musicians blend an assortment of metallic styles to develop what’s arguably a unique sound. They do this by twisting together elements of Power Metal, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Djent, Rock, Post-Hardcore, and beyond. Add up all the factors and you end up with a good sound.

And they’re only getting started… The band launched their debut single “The Wake” complete with a music video release earlier this year. Now, they’re back with a brand new single and title track to be in “Finding Light”. If these two singles serve as any indication of what’s to come, The Bathonaut debut “Finding Light” should be pretty awesome.

If you enjoy the music, both “Finding Light” and “The Wake” are available for purchase over on Bandcamp. Show these musicians some support!


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