The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk’s road to recovery has continued to be a success. He and the rest of the band have further proven to be an inspiration to us all following the the fatal bus / semi crash that occurred last year. The latest update from Andrew comes in the form of an Instagram post of the man playing the drums, regardless of his lost leg. It came along with the following caption:

Messed around on the kit today with the @vicfirth dampening pads. They have excellent rebound. The glove on my right hand helps A LOT while dealing with this nerve pain. Still have some work to do so I can get that shoulder up higher. You can see my index finger on the glove hand isn’t gripping the stick. This is due to the partial paralysis in that arm. Also getting used to kick with the left has been fun and challenging! #VF15 #VicFirth @zildjiancompany @sjcdrums @remopercussion Video by @norkusa

Currently, the band is gearing up to play Warped Tour in 2017 as a goal for their full recovery. For more insight on Andrew’s recovery behind the drum kit, you may CLICK HERE. Besides this particular posting, for the latest news on The Ghost Inside’s road to recovery, you may CLICK HERE.

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