Sumerian Records have announced yet another 10 year anniversary tour in support of their label. This time ’round, the venture will be driven by Asking Alexandria, Born of Osiris, After The Burial, I See Stars, Upon A Burning Body, and Bad Omens. You can check out the dates on the flyer up above and find music from all the bands down below.

Sumerian Records Founder Ash Avildsen: “To see the celebration of a decade of Sumerian culminate in to this tour is a true reflection of the communal spirit and vision that this label was built upon.

Fans will get to see five headliners all go out together which is very rare these days because of tour politics, egos, money and everything else that gets in the way when it’s time to give music lovers an unforgettable line-up. The fact that these five bands are all sharing the stage together every night and still bringing an opening act to kick off the night makes this truly a special tour. I commend all of them. Stay tuned for a lot of upcoming announcements about different activities for bands and fans to interact at these shows that go beyond just watching them perform on stage. Mark my words: This will be the most progressive and interactive tour we have ever done. See you on the road.”

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