After Shadows Fall declared hiatus back in 2014, things have been rather quiet. Guitarist Jon Donais joined Anthrax and the band actually had a few shows outside of the break. But, today, some news popped up in regards to the dread headed Shadows Fall frontman who is now a part of the band Hell Night. This was announced through the following Hell Night statement and new track “Feed Hate”:

We would like to take this time to make some announcements:

1. Brian Fair is the vocalist of Hell Night.

2. We recorded 7 songs and have a new longer than usual e.p. titled Human Shelves coming out this fall.

3. Our first show with Brian is The Food Bar Lounge (that is Fubar for those of you who are turkey turkeys) on August 18th with Sweat Shoppe and the reincarnated and much celebrated White Fire. This is a Thursday night, that show is. This show.

4. Here is what it sounds like to hear one of our new songs now, with Brian singing upon it:

Thank you

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