Things are about to take a turn towards the heavy. Heresy Denied are a steamroller of a band emerging from Poznań, Poland. They’ve been hard at work over the past 5 years, crafting a selection of heavy hitting music crossing extreme metal sub-genre lines. There are elements of Tech Death, Melodeath, Progressive Metal, Deathcore, and more held within their sound. The end result is quite palatable to those with heavy tastes.

This year has seen the release of the Heresy Denied debut full-length album. Going by the name of “Innerception”, it brings fourth 8 solid tracks intended to leave no survivors. This collection of tracks play well together, giving the listener a venture that is both consistent and interesting. That being the case, it’s fully worth taking a walk down “The Unfathomable Path” into this record which is now available for purchase over on Bandcamp!

Given the nature of today’s posting, it should come as no surprise that we’re currently working with Heresy Denied in support of “Inncerception”! The album is now live and streaming in it’s entirety over on YouTube and can be found just below. Also, we’ll be naming them as our next Artist of the Week today! Well deserved. Show some love to Heresy Denied!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp