Out of all the nations in the world, the United Kingdom easily has the most vibrant and quickly growing Technical Metal scene. Great bands have been coming out of the wood works left and right. This weekend even sees the celebration of the glorious UK Tech Metal Fest in Nottingham with many great names and several great friends from across the globe attending.

So what makes this region so exciting when it comes to the prospect of Technical Metal? Personally, I’d say the unbelievable amount of talent and enthusiasm behind it. Not to mention the widespread pioneer spirit as you see a multitude of minds building something great out of seemingly nothing.

The band Perception embodies everything that makes UK technical metal so great. Coming out of Oxford, these guys have been working hard at their craft ever since 2011. They put out a solid release called “Realisations” back in 2013 and now they’re climbing towards something more with an all new release – “Collapse”… Which was just launched worldwide today!

In support of this long awaited effort, we’ve teamed up alongside Perception to bring yet another world premiere! Here we have an all new music video for the track “Castles”, complete with some awesome visuals to compliment the intensity of the music. Check it out and be sure to show Perception some love and support if you enjoy their sound!


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