Here we have an incredibly talented guitarist emerging from the beautiful terrain of Switzerland. Stefan Wenger is a man pursuing his musical interests through composing sweet Progressive Metal music in an instrumental format. With an 8-string guitar in hand, he translates this well given the aural depth and a high level of attention to detail. There’s also no lack of creativity to be found in his sound.

All of this and more shows on Stefan’s debut EP “Ortus”. This listening experience is comprised of four tracks collectively spanning over 20 minutes of content. It’s safe to say this one is worth checking out. In fact, the entirety of “Ortus” is currently live and streaming over on Bandcamp where it’s also available for purchase!

To help bolster his efforts, we’ve teamed up with Stefan to bring you a sweet video. The man put together a gorgeous guitar playthrough overlooking the views of Switzerland. The guitar is gorgeous too making this one a win all around. You can take a look here:

Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp