Here’s a wonderful, new talent that needs to be heard! Going by the alias of [家族] Kazoku, this is a solo project driven by supreme shred and a high level of compositional ability. Stylistically, this would fall under the umbrella of modern Progressive Metal with an instrumental approach. That being the case, you could compare and contrast [家族] Kazoku with contemporaries such as Polyphia and CHON. However, the music here really speaks for itself as arguably one of the brightest introductions made in 2016 for the style.

The single “An Undying Illusion” recently saw the light of day and just oozes the talent and potential held within this solo project. Upon hearing it, we jumped at the opportunity to team up with the artist and bring the music directly to you.

[家族] Kazoku filmed a blazing playthrough for the track which can now be viewed just below. If you enjoy what he has accomplished here, show some love and prepare yourselves for what looks to be the absolutely brilliant musical future of [家族] Kazoku!