MetalSucks recently had the honor of debuting an all new track for an absolutely wicked band by the name of Coma Cluster Void. These guys really stand apart, playing an absolutely evil and experimental brand of Death Metal which could be compared and contrasted with bands like Gorguts and Ulcerate. What’s more (pun intended) is that they do this with an extremely high string count. To be more specific, this twisted take on death is composed with no less than a 10-string guitar! Furthermore, every member of this unit brings an important piece of the overall sound, displaying high levels of talent along the way.

The new track, going by the name of “Drowning Into Sorrow”, is a testament to all of this and more! It has been released in support of the band’s upcoming full-length “Mind Cemeteries”. You can have a listen to the goods down below.

It’s only a week until the full release of “Mind Cemeteries” will be made available. Strapped with an August 26th release date, the LP is currently available for pre-order over on Bandcamp. Go forth and buy the beast if you enjoy the madness that this band is up to!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp